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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tanzanian Court of Appeal rules against Yusuf Manji’s claims to own Tigo

Dar es Salaam, 26 July 2018; Today, Tanzania’s highest court, the Court of Appeal, ruled against Yusuf Manji’s offshore company Golden Globe International Services Ltd and his local company Quality Group Ltd in a dispute over Mr Manji’s claims to have acquired shares in MIC Tanzania Limited, which operates the Tigo Tanzania business. Mr Manji’s claims centered on a secretive court-ordered auction of shares and execution proceedings, which the Court of Appeal has quashed on grounds of serious irregularity. Millicom is delighted that this brazen attempt to appropriate its shares has been struck down, with the Court of Appeal ruling that MIC Tanzania Limited (Tigo) remains fully owned and controlled by the Millicom Group. 
A Tigo Tanzania spokesperson said: “We welcome the decision of the Court of Appeal of Tanzania today. The Court has made clear that Golden Globe International Services Ltd sought to acquire shares in MIC Tanzania Ltd (Tigo) through an irregular auction, without notice to Millicom (Tanzania) NV and failed.  We have vigorously fought this obvious wrongdoing and Mr Manji’s attempts to abuse the Tanzanian judicial system.  We welcome the Court’s ruling, which upholds the due process of law in Tanzania.  Tigo Tanzania is a leading provider of telecommunications services in Tanzania and we look forward to continue providing a quality service to our many customers.”


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